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Making disciples of those in plain sight

I love this video from Rebuild Net­work.

Mak­ing dis­ci­ples of all nations includes the nation — the peo­ple group — where you live.

Rebuild where you live, live where you rebuild

I’m very moved and moti­vated by what I see the Rebuild Net­work ( doing to plant churches in urban areas. But there’s more to them than plant­ing, and there’s some­thing to learn from them in all churches who want to focus on dis­ci­ple­ship and mission.

Here’s a video that tells the story of the first church they planted. I just love this.

On Decem­ber 15, 2007, 25 fam­i­lies made the com­mit­ment to move from Den­ton, TX to Atlanta, GA to plant a church that was in the city, for the city, and looked like the city. It became the Rebuild Network’s first church plant—Blueprint Church.

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