No doubt many of you have seen this video from Desir­ing God about their start through the efforts of my friend Moe Berg­eron. John Piper called him a “God-soaked geek” in a tweet pro­mot­ing this video.

As Dr. Piper wrote, “For decades, Moe was a fac­tory worker and bi-vocational pas­tor on the rugged spir­i­tual soil of New Eng­land. He was one of the first to believe in the power and poten­tial of com­put­ers ‘talk­ing’ to each other, and he may have been the first that dared to dream about a rad­i­cal new way to freely spread the gospel.”

Be sure to visit the site Moe edits: Christ My Covenant and also Piper’s Notes, the orig­i­nal online archive of John Piper.