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A ‘letter from God’ by Sarah Palin

There’s been quite the hub­bub over the release of some 24,000 emails by Sarah Palin on Fri­day, June 10 — and a thud of dis­ap­point­ment from the media in find­ing no smok­ing gun among the 300 pounds of printed correspondence.

Now, this is by no means any sort of polit­i­cal endorse­ment of Mrs. Palin. (And no, it’s not an endorse­ment of new spe­cial rev­e­la­tion from God.) But this note, sent to her fam­ily in April 2008, is touch­ing — and it speaks vol­umes about her faith:

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An audio discussion of some of the arguments in Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’

I was asked to give a review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins at our West­ern New York-area Ref­or­ma­tion Soci­ety Meet­ing on May 19, 2011. I know the topic has been nearly beaten to death right now, and rather than giv­ing a cap­sule review of the book, we looked at some of his argu­ments in what was an infor­mal presentation.

The raw audio can be down­loaded here (right click to save) or streamed below:

(My apolo­gies for a scratchy, allergy-affected throat.)

Francis Chan: We can’t get hell wrong

Last week I pre­sented a review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins at a meet­ing of our local Ref­or­ma­tion Soci­ety. (The audio of that will be posted here soon, though I assume by now every­one has heard about enough.)

Fran­cis Chan — whose book Crazy Love: Over­whelmed by a Relent­less God is one I highly rec­om­mend — will take on the topic of hell this July. He released this pre­view video:

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