Sowing the Seed

August 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

And no, I’m not talk­ing about the sort of “seed” that “pros­per­ity gospel” huck­sters on TV try to con­nive you to send them.

Over at his blog today, Tim Bris­ter reminds us about the para­ble of the sower, found in all three syn­op­tic Gospels, includ­ing Mark 4:1–20.

The point of Jesus’ para­ble is that the seed, the gospel, is spread over all kinds of soil, but only takes root in good soil. Tim is right when he says that we’re too stingy in spread­ing the seed — only look­ing for a place where it can sprout — rather than trust­ing God to give the increase.

Tim’s full post is at his blog Provo­ca­tions and Pant­i­ngs.