There seems to be a grow­ing intra­mural dis­cus­sion on the inter­net among those who say we must “try harder” to attain growth in holi­ness and those who say our growth in holi­ness comes from con­stantly return­ing to the Gospel — under­stand­ing that in Christ, it is fin­ished. I’m with the lat­ter camp; our stand­ing is not based on our per­for­mance and our growth is based in His com­pleted work.

Growth in holi­ness — pro­gres­sive sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion — is not a bat­tle to be fought in the flesh but in the strength of the Holy Spirit () in light of the Cross.

Check out this clip from Josh Har­ris as he makes the case:

HT: Tim Bris­ter

Are you so fool­ish? Hav­ing begun by the Spirit, are you now being per­fected by the flesh? (ESV)