Tempted and TriedI was going to post a review of Rus­sell D. Moore’s Tempted and Tried but Mike Leake’s review at SBC Voices sums it up well enough: Review of Tempted and Tried | SBC Voices.

Just a few addi­tional comments:

Moore’s crisp writ­ing gets right to the point: temp­ta­tion is a dan­ger and sin is far more seri­ous than we usu­ally treat it. The author’s can­did warn­ings jarred me in sev­eral places; for exam­ple, when he calls us to be hon­est about sin: it’s not that we “strug­gle with pro­cras­ti­na­tion” but rather that we are “lazy.”

I highly rec­om­mend this book and I’d put this right along side some of the best works by Jerry Bridges on the subject.